Cannon Line from MobyDick for Dust Control

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Dust control machine or staubbindemaschine becomes necessary in certain area. Construction site is one of them. Especially in big construction sites, dusts can become problems for the workers. Dusts make them unable to see clearly. Then, it may also make them unable to breathe comfortably. Thus, they cannot work well with this situation. The dust control machines will be very effective to control the dust and make sure that the location or site will not have problems with the dust in the air. As for the great machines, MobyDick has Cannon Line that can become solution to deal with dust even in the large areas.  Its machines are excellent in both performance and durability so there will not be big problems to use the machines in rough area such as construction sites.

Basic Model of Cannon Line


MobyDick has options of Cannon Line. One of them is the Basic model. From its name, it is quite clear that it is the cannon line with normal features. However, it does not mean that it is bad option. Mostly, the basic model is picked for those who seek effective dust control with lower price. It still works well in controlling the dust and it has all basic functions of cannon line. As for its range, it has thrown distance up to 50 meters.

New Generation of Cannon Line

This is the improved version or model of Cannon Line from MobyDick. In term of function, it is similar to the basic model although it has enhanced performance. For example, it can provide longer throw distance. Its distance can reach 90 meters. Although it has higher performance, its energy consumption is lower than the basic models. Even, it is possible to adjust the droplet throw so it is easier to control the dust in the location or site. This improves its efficiency, and it even has lower noise.